About Shellinda Miller

Our Why

We train, coach, speak and deliver workshops to your team to help make lasting, meaningful, and positive implementations across any team or organization.

Our How

We do so utilizing assessments, workshops, strategies and continuous process improvement tools to help rapidly measure growth and solve organizational needs.

Our What

We inspire and develop leaders, teams and organizations everywhere, so they are leading collaborative, productive and winning teams.

Inspiire Leadership Logo

Hello – I’m Shellinda Miller

It is because of my faith, family and my outlook on life that I decided to found Inspiire Leadership.

I wanted to help inspire others to reach for their greatness. I know from my 30 year career in the U.S. Navy how difficult it is to balance life’s daily responsibilities with the need to SHOW UP effectively in my professional life. I began 20 years ago studying the philosophies behind personal and professional development and the role emotions and vision play in leadership. I have used the very same development tools to enhance my own productivity and decision-making skills to create a healthy relationship between work and life.

Along my journey I have discovered this to be true; when people are happy their mood and productivity is automatically boosted. Engagement is the key to success in business, and engagement can only be achieved when employees are able to see their contribution matters in helping achieve the company’s goals. This is the foundation to my Motivational Speaking, Leadership Training and Influence Coaching programs.

If you’re interested in speaking to me about customizing a program for your team or group, please do reach out – I’d love to hear from you.

Leadership Coach

Motivational Speaker

My goal as a Motivational Speaker is to bring your group together with a sense of inspiration, purpose, and direction. Motivation is what gives people the drive to do more, and to give their best. When your employees are more motivated, they are happier, more energetic and focused.

I’m often invited to speak at conferences as a Keynote Speaker at Inspiration Retreats, Motivational Staff Development Seminars, as well as After-dinner Speeches for corporate events. I am passionate about giving people a feeling of purpose, which usually translates to increased engagement and productivity.

Leadership Training

Workshops often are considered the gold standard for organizations working towards creating leaders in their business. At Inspiire Leadership my Blueprint for Success Workshop help to achieve specific goals of the organization or business.

Whether it’s to improve leadership skills, or help with specific sales techniques or teaching work-life balance, or information overload tips and stress management life skills,  my workshops impart practical information that helps the team grow their skills, clarity, purpose, and passion, which in turn has an overall positive effect on the business.

Influence Coaching

I have found people are craving to learn how to tap into their own potential sphere of influence. They understand it will improve their communication skills, help them develop stronger relationships, and most importantly, their effectiveness as a leader.

The result of our work together is that you will have learned how to rediscover your purpose, vision and goals.  You will be able to fully leverage your own team’s passion and talent, and you will be able to engage with your staff to create a culture of high performance. Your employees will feel rewarded and valued, which leads to innovation, higher productivity, and increase in sales.