Student Impact Report


One section is for the child, to help them see what makes them incredible. There is also a section for parents and guardians, with valuable insight into how to build deeper connection with their child using their child’s own unique communication style. The third section is for sharing with the child’s teacher or tutor, so they have insight into the child’s unique behavior style, strengths, motivation, and more. Combined, these sections provide a tripod of support to unlock the potential found deep inside each precious child.



Our College and Career Impact Report will:

  • Help take the guesswork out.
  • Help those understand their learning style.
  • Help those understand careers that match their personality style.

In this assessment, you will learn your:

  • Personality Style
  • Learning Style
  • Communication Style
  • Cognitive Thinking Style
  • Values Style
  • 50+ careers that best match their primary personality style
  • 30-40 careers that best match their secondary style